Included Software Modules

We have already done the work for you!

Upon sign-up, you will be given an onboarding sheet to fill out with the final step to setup your onboarding meeting. In these meetings we will help you and your team tune-up your instance of our software to be ready to go. Additionally, we have included prebuilt automations and workflows that every small business may want to use for their business.

Nurture Sequences

The essential nurture frameworks that every business needs as an absolute baseline.


- Forever follow up cadence follows up with contacts every 45 or so days to see what's in front of them and ask them what they need help with.

- 52 Weekly text messages provides you with a template that you can use to send contacts meaningful content each week for a year.

- 12 monthly emails provides you with a template that you can use for checkins, educational content, objection handling, or anything else that helps you stay top-of-mind.

List Cleanup & Management

This module is designed to help you maintain a high quality list by ensuring you have the most essential contact information for each contact and providing contacts with a way to update themselves in your system.


- Keep track of inactive opportunities over a timeline ranging from 3-60 months

- Handle bounced email events

- Handle unreachable SMS number events

- Reach out to contacts automatically when good information is missing from a contact record

(First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone)

Database Reactivation

This module contains everything you need to build your own highly effective database reactivation campaign.


- Reach out to inactive contacts 3 times regarding an attractive offer using SMS or Email

- Automatically split outreach times across a variety of time boxes throughout the day
- Re-assess the value of a contact on each reply

- Manage contacts based on attributed importance using the built-in pipeline

- Send hot prospects an offer automatically

Payment Automations

Everything you need to manage checkout payments, invoices, and refunds.


~ Checkout page template that's easily configurable for selling products or services

~ Successful purchase automations

~ Abandoned cart automations

~ Invoice sent automationsInvoice paid automations

~ Refund request flow that allows for you to accept refunds, decline refunds, or request additional information

Request A Callback

Very fun and effective tool that you can deploy on your business customers website that enables end-customers to request a call back from the business.


- Customers can use an included form to request a call back from your business. (This can be embedded on a website)

- Automations that facilitate a call between the business and the end customer after customers have completed the request a call back form.

Calendar Automations

Everything you need to calendars and appointments. These appointments can be pre-sale, post sale, or even service appointments.


- 5 calendars

- Request a Call Back

- 15 Minute Quick Call

- Team Member 1

- Team Member 2

- Team Member 3

- Appointment reminder automations

- Call status automations (if phone is being used for appointments)

- Cancelation automations

- No-Show automations

Inbound Messaging

All the automations you need to handle inbound messages coming in on any of the major channels.


- Inbound Facebook Message initial response automations

- Inbound Instagram DM initial response automations

- Inbound GMB Message initial response automations

- Inbound Webchat Message initial response automations

- Contact us form submission automations

Review Automations

Automatically ask customers for more information on their experience with your business. Solicit for reviews on Google or Facebook, and more effectively manage negative experiences before they become a problem.


- Customer experience survey

- How was your experience automations

- Nurture to review automations

- Internal notifications and tasks for managing negative experiences

Phone Administration

Take control of the phone channel. Give business owners a form they can use while taking phone calls to log all important and essential information to the CRM. Send automatic text messages to someone when you miss a call.


- Missed call text back automations

- Follow up with summary of phone call automations

- Record contact details to the CRM automations

Lead Form Automations

4 Lead Magnet funnels. GG360/FB/Tiktok forms, landing pages and followup workflows.


- Ingests leads into system

- Follows up with them

- A solid base for creating simple lead magnet systems with custom values

Seasonal Communications

Stay in front of prospects or customers by sending them special holiday messages on all the major United States holidays.


- Sends holiday messages to existing opted in contacts

- Auto Generates the next holiday date using ChatGPT so you don't have to manually change it every year.

- Happy Birthday SMS

Subscription Preferences

Manage all of your email unsubscribe events and provide contacts with a way to granularly opt of from specific message types within your system.


- Handle hard SMS opt outs

- Handle soft SMS opt outs

- Handle email unsubscribe events

- Handle Apple Mail unsubscribe events

- Handle email complaints (marked as spam)

- Allow contacts to granularly unsubscribe

Referral Automations

Have customers that love you? Ask them to send your information to some friends and win the best kind of business. Referrals.


- Solicit referrals from contacts of your choice automation

- Reach out to nurture contacts that have entered the system as a referral

Link Tree

Extremely flexible Link Tree template that can be used for virtually anything.


- Adaptable custom values controlled Link Tree funnel template

- Light weight automation that outreaches and internally notifies on form pop submits.

Automate & Integrate Your Business With

Software designed for possibilities

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Plan Feature Definitions

Included Features and Functionality:


Universal Inbox

Reputation Management

Web Chat Widget




Social Planner

Opportunity Pipeline Management

Reporting and Analytics

Task Management

Full Marketing Automation

Premium Features and Functionality:

Proposals & Estimates


Affiliate Manager

Features/Functionality Descriptions


With GrowthGenie360's powerful Customer Relationship Management you can store and manage all your contacts in one platform. You can add new contacts in various ways, such as importing a bulk list or using marketing forms. Create tasks, view contacts activity and interactions with your brand and more.

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Universal Inbox

GrowthGenie360 has a Universal Inbox which means you go to one location to view and respond to your contacts messages from Facebook and Instagram Messenger, Google Business Profile, What’s App, SMS and Email.

There are so many platforms available to message your prospects, including Facebook, Instagram, Google Business Profile, SMS, Email and What’s App.

Many messages are missed because you simply doesn’t have the time to check each platform daily, and therefore you are missing opportunities and inevitably missing sales. This is a feature that will save you time and increase communication and sales.

Reputation Management

With GrowthGenie360, you can effectively manage and monitor your online reputation. The main view provides you with an overview of the reviews you have received and the review requests you have sent. It helps you stay informed about the feedback and reputation of your business. The Reputation section also offers additional tabs that allow you to delve deeper into specific aspects of your reputation management.

Requests: Easily send review requests directly to contacts within your platform, encouraging them to leave reviews and provide feedback.

Reviews: Access and respond to reviews posted on Google and Facebook, allowing you to engage with customers, address concerns, and showcase your excellent customer service.

Listings: Integrate Yext marketing services in the Listings section, enabling you to manage and optimize your business listings across various online directories, ensuring accurate and consistent information for potential customers.

Web Chat Widget

GrowthGenie360's Live Chat is a dynamic, real-time communication tool that empowers website visitors (contacts) to establish direct and instant communication with you through a feature-rich webchat. This two-way communication system not only bridges the gap between your brand and your audience but also amplifies the potential for meaningful engagements.

The non-intrusive and convenient nature of Live Chat improves overall customer engagement. With Live Chat, immediate assistance is just a message away. This reduces response times and elevates customer satisfaction to new heights.


The calendar section allows you to access and view all the calendars you have created in the platform. It also displays your upcoming events in a convenient overview. In the main view, the Calendar tab has an Appointments section that displays all the appointments booked within your platform. It provides a centralized view of your scheduled appointments. Create sharable links to send to clients so they can book a time with you or your team that is convenient for you both.


GrowthGenie360's website builder is a front-end web designer built directly into the platform and can help you build professional websites for your business in under 10 minutes. The platform offers a user-friendly interface, drag-and-drop functionality along with templates. You can also easily create marketing funnels, (landing pages) forms, surveys and more to complement your website.


Invoicing is a very important part of any business. It helps you keep track of your expenses, and it also allows you to get paid for the work that you do. You can easily create invoices from within the system. In the Payments section, you can create invoices, view products and transactions. You can easily connect Stripe or Paypal to process your invoices and product transactions.

Social Planner

In this particular section, you have the capability to oversee your various social media platforms, enabling you to publish content on Facebook, Instagram, and even Google My Business! 

Additionally, you can efficiently manage your posting schedule by utilizing the calendar feature, which provides you with a comprehensive weekly and/or monthly overview of your planned posts across all channels. This ensures a well-organized and consistent social media presence for your brand.

Opportunity Pipeline Management

The Pipelines tab allows you to track and update the progress of your contacts through different stages of your pipelines. It provides an overview of the pipelines you have created for effective contact management.

Reporting and Analytics

The Reporting section provides comprehensive reports on your marketing campaigns.

Within the Reporting section, you'll find sections that offer detailed insights and analytics on:

Google Ads Facebook Ads Attribution Report - How many leads are converted to clients.

Call Reporting Appointment Report - How many appointments are booked, confirmed, canceled, etc.

On the main settings area of GrowthGenie360 you can enable features, set defaults, and explore a wide range of options to customize and configure GrowthGenie360 according to your preferences and requirements.

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Task Management

The Task dashboard is found in the contacts area. You can create a task event for any type of task, whether it's an appointment or a project creation, phone call and more.

Full Marketing Automation

The GrowthGenie360 platform excels in marketing automation, allowing users to set up and execute complex marketing funnels, email campaigns, and SMS sequences. Automation improves efficiency and frees up resources for other critical tasks.

Proposals & Estimates

Proposals and estimates allow users to craft detailed outlines of services or generate succinct cost agreements. Through a versatile document builder featuring text, images, videos, tables, and more, as well as digital signatures and document state management, this feature continues to serve as a comprehensive solution for professional business communication. Whether sharing a company's background or simply listing products and prices, these documents adapt to various needs, simplifying interactions with potential clients.

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The membership section is where you can create membership, course products, and create offers to bundle those products that you made for your courses. There's a pretty simple design, as well as the analytics of your products.

Use Memberships for training your team or your clients, or even add a new revenue stream and charge for courses.

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Affiliate Manager

Affiliate marketing is a type of advertising in which you compensate others for promoting or referring to your product or service. Referrals, when utilized effectively, can be incredibly rewarding and potent, much like layups in basketball. An affiliate promotes a campaign by sharing their unique affiliate link with potential customers interested in your product or service. The affiliate receives payment upon making a sale, and you earn when they do.

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© Copyright 2023. GrowthGenie360. All rights reserved.

© Copyright 2023. GrowthGenie360. All rights reserved.